Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The truth is, I was not looking forward to hearing the president speak last night. I don't hate him, I just get embarrassed. I feel sorry for him a little, is that wrong? The guy doesn't have much talent as a speaker and not a lot of charisma. Clinton spoiled us all. We expect to be inspired!

It was pay-up time for the prez and he gave the conservatives just what they were asking for. Permanent tax breaks (even though the country is broke). A threat to amend the constitution to protect marriage (is that necessary? I don't like the sound of it). And a brave affirmation that his decision to make war was justified because of the non-existent (but still threatening) weapons of mass destruction. He made a boo-boo when mentioning the Patriot Act, and how it was about to expire. The Democrats all clapped enthusiastically, and he gave a slight, reproving shake of his tiny head(he shouldn't have paused!).

I'm afraid I wasn't inspired. On the other hand, I doubt if he's worrying about John Kerry or Howard Dean. He might not even have to spend that war chest.


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