Wednesday, March 03, 2004

"Man, I want to die, is all," cried Ploy.
"Don't you know," said Dahoud, "that life is the most precious possession you have?"
"Ho, ho," said Ploy through his tears. "Why?"
"Because," said Dahoud, "without it, you'd be dead."

—excerpt from V by Thomas Pynchon, 1963

Yesterday, grey clouds and rain. Today, more of the same. The warm temperatures are melting the two feet plus of snow that's been building up over the last 2 months. A pile of soaked and disintegrating cigarette butts has appeared near the trash can out by the front steps of the library. I saw some flowers poking their heads out of the earth two days ago.

Silly flowers. It's too soon.

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Is it Christopher Walken or isn't it? via biz stone


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