Monday, March 08, 2004

"You felt she'd done a thousand secret things to her eyes. They needed no haze of cigarette smoke to look at you out of sex and fathomless, but carried their own along with them. New York must have been for her a city of smoke, its streets the courtyards of limbo, its bodies like wraiths. Smoke seemed to be in her voice, in her movements; making her all the more substantial, more there, as if words, glances, small lewdnesses could only become baffled and brought to rest like smoke in her long hair; remain there useless till she released them, accidentally and unknowingly, with a toss of her head."

—excerpt from V by Thomas Pynchon, 1963

So this weekend I finally saw Lost in Translation and Bowling for Columbine, a little late, I know, I know. Both were powerful films, and I was struck by the beautiful camerawork of Lost, so rarely seen in modern Hollywood. Just the fact that the camera remained focused on one shot for more than five seconds at a time almost gave me a heart attack. As for Columbine, it was strongly written and well-conceived, and I expected no less from Michael Moore

A beautiful thing, the Christopher Walken soundboard, A jewel of flash, Walking on By Did you know that the killer comic, Opus, is back?!? Well you should have. Here is an archive of the recent Opus strips on Waxy


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