Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Gomez remembered the crowd on Seventh Avenue.
"Do you imagine those people in the street are thinking about Paris?" he said.
"In a way, yes, but not like you and me. Americans do not enjoy the process of thinking. When they do concentrate, it is in order to escape all thought."

—excerpt from Troubled Sleep by Jean-Paul Sartre

Forgiveness please. The lack of recent posting is due to a lack of access to the internet. Entries may be sporadic for a while; bear with me faithful readers.


and the war in Iraq are on my mind, as they are always, although for the most part I choose not to discuss them here because there are many, many blogs that cover these topics much more thoroughly and intelligently than I ever could. However, I did discover this page at Bloomberg where you can listen to John Burns of the New York Times discuss his recent kidnapping and release by resistance fighters in Iraq.

Former Nixonite John Dean wrote a new book, Worse than Watergate, in which he discusses possible criminal acts of the Bush White House.

The alternative to Rush Limbaugh recently made its hotly anticipated debut, The O Franken Factor features the cutting political observations of Al Franken and Katherine Lanpher. I couldn't get the stream on the day it came out but I'm listening to it live right now and it's yummy. Also, don't forget the politically elegant Le Show with Harry Shearer. The broadcast is Sundays from 10-11 but the link leads to an archive of recent shows...


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