Thursday, April 22, 2004

If we went down now and threw away our rifles, they'd crowd round us; perhaps they'd say: "Comrades of France, the war's over." The steps drew nearer. They've done nothing to us, they're not thinking of us, they wish us no harm. Suddenly he shut his eyes; hatred was about to spout to the skies. They'll see my dead body, they'll kick it out of their way. He was not afraid of death, he was afraid of hatred.

—excerpt from Troubled Sleep by Jean-Paul Sartre

Very excited in a geekish way about my new G-mail account from Google. With a 1000 Mb storage limit it makes my Yahoo account look like a bad joke. I've been getting about 50+ spams per day urging me to improve the quality of my penis, so this new account will be a relief. I wonder how long it will take them to hunt me down? I'll keep you updated on this. Meanwhile, you can e-mail me at my new account: headsfromspace at gmail dot com. Please do! I want some e-mails to look at.


Click this link to see the full size image. This was sent to me by my friend Owen Kilfeather.

You may wonder if the quotes that usually appear at the top of my entries are from books I am currently reading. The answer is yes, they are. Where do I find the time to read all these books? Simple, I am unemployed, or if you like, grossly underemployed. Another question may present itself: why are all these books so old? The answer to that is I'm mainly interested in classic literature and don't read too many new works, as there are so many great older ones that I would like to read. However, if you think you know of a good new book that is worth reading, please e-mail me at my new g-mail account: headsfromspace at gmail dot com. I'm always up for a good read.

The new Baroque Cycle novel is out, titled The Confusion. Read the Salon interview with the author, Neal Stephenson. Good stuff. A second interview in Wired is also a good read. In it, Stephenson declares "Cyberpunk has been over for a long time. Some would say it was already over by the early '90s..." I don't even know what that means, Mr. Stephenson, sir. I'm not sure that Cyberpunk as a genre or sub-genre has even reached it's peak yet, but maybe you shouldn't listen to me because (not unexpectedly) I haven't published any super-dazzling Cyberpunk epics.

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