Thursday, May 20, 2004

The clotted, repulsive sea of glowing gas swam in front of the keen eyes of Sub-Admiral Brace Moanstar as he stared into the visiplate. "The Cornhole Nebula," he thought. "The hiding place of the most brutal gangs of inter-galactic thuggery, and they want me to go in there solo. I'll be naked and defenseless, easy prey!" He shivered uneasily as his mind raced in circles, throwing a rod.

—excerpt from Son of the Space Cows by Craig Snyder

The Jefferson Airplane

View rare concert posters featuring The Jefferson Airplane. A similar link to more rare posters featuring the Airplane and other groups of the '60's, most taking place at the legendary Fillmore: Bill Graham posters. Finally, a third page featuring more psychedelic poster art.

Neal Stephenson has won the 2004 Arthur C. Clarke Award for Quicksilver. (from maud)


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