Tuesday, May 25, 2004

"He was a man of forty, rather stout and ugly, pock-marked, with small eyes like a pig's. He spoke hurriedly, swallowing his words as it were, gesticulated with his hands, threw his legs about and went into roars of laughter at everything. On the whole, he gave one the impression of being a stupid, spoilt, conceited bounder."

—excerpt from Virgin Soil by Ivan Turgenev

It's been raining here for six whole days. Here is Big Rapids, Michigan, a place that is not famous for anything but has a great university library with a hundred nice computers that I depend on for blogging and other internet stuff and junk. Here is my review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Harry is very angry all the time, is a lazy wizard, and treats everyone like dirt. Also, he is scared of women. The end.

The website of George Takei.

Bruce Sterling talks about his new book, The Zenith Angle, at Microsoft Corp.

The Mighty Head

A screenshot of how my website looks on a mac. Furnished free by the nice folk at iCapture.


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