Friday, May 28, 2004

"It was a thing like Space but with Wind and Colours. There were no screams, no human voices, but I was on edge anyway, because it felt like screams were coming."

—excerpt from Enter the Vortex by Craig Snyder

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I made this Blogger button for anyone who wants an alternate to the official one. It is a PNG file as I couldn't make a GIF without some loss of quality. There are probably more official Blogger buttons hosted on the Blogger server somewhere but I can't find them anymore. If anyone knows where they are located please let me know and I will post the information. Hey, don't link to these images! Save them to your own directory.

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Here is another one someone made. I found it at biz's place.

D E A T H   L O V E

The last person known to have seen Sid and Nancy together is Neon Leon, a fast talking musician who fronted a mostly black punk band that often played at Max's Kansas City. He and his blond girlfriend, Kathy O'Rourke, lived down the hall from the couple. Both had known Nancy before she met Sid, knew of the couple's addiction to heroin, and of the sado-masochistic tone of their love-affair.

"Sid came in here and said, 'Look what I've got. Now people can't beat me up any more'." He was brandishing a knife with a five and a half inch blade, said Leon. "Nancy bought it for him so he could defend himself from the beatings he was getting."


"Sid was famous for being obnoxious. People would come up to him, 'You're one of the Sex Pistols' Boom! I stopped going out with them."

"He said he was going to kill somebody" said Neon, speaking rapidly and without hesitation. "But he always says he's going to kill somebody. 'New York is making me violent. People are picking on me. All I want to do is to be in a band. I'm gonna get me a weapon.' " Sid told him, he said.

Photo link via neurastenia. Read the rest of the story.


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