Saturday, May 29, 2004

"Lying on his back, he squinted up through the damp, sand-caked hem of a man's garment: a loose robe of open-weave material that laved the wearer's body in a gold glow, so that he could look directly up into the blind eye of the man's penis—which had been curiously modified. Inevitably, he lost this particular stare-down."

—excerpt from The Confusion by Neal Stephenson


We (myself and a couple of writer friends) are starting a very small e-zine called rumble. It's basically for micro-fiction, and we'd like to start publishing in July. View the demo pages here and submit a short story, poem, or piece of artwork. We don't pay, but your work will be read and presented on some nice web pages...

Creepy Crawlers

I used to have Creepy Crawlers. It was so cool. I had a bunch of the sets, and a million bottles of the goop you make them with...even flourescent colors, baby. Don't you envy me? You should. But you're probably not about envy, are you? You're probably a pretty nice person, I bet.


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