Wednesday, June 02, 2004

"...she knew two things absolutely. One was that the duc d'Arcachon was dead. Her mission in life had, therefore, been accomplished. The other was that Jack Shaftoe was alive, had redeemed himself, and loved her. Best of all, he loved her from a tremendous distance, which made being loved by him ever so much less inconvenient."

—excerpt from The Confusion by Neal Stephenson

I've always been a big fan of Blondie; the ethereal quality of her voice, her other-worldly beauty, the catchy pop-punk sounds—what's not to like?

When Debbie Harry started singing those tired bluesy jazzy numbers, I really couldn't hack it. But recently, a miracle. The Curse of Blondie! I didn't think I would like any new music from this venerable new wave band—figured they had lost it. Then I heard the single Good Boys and realized they could still punch out the kind of music I like. It's worth checking out, sweet, sweet net children. I mean it. Go do it.

The Curse of Blondie

Is President Bush a big fat liar?

This is interesting:

"A privately-developed rocket plane will launch into history on June 21 on a mission to become the world's first commercial manned space vehicle.

The pilot of the craft, still to be announced, will become the first person to earn astronaut wings in a non-government sponsored vehicle, and the first private civilian to fly a spaceship out of the atmosphere."

Zeldman.Com is nine years old. Congratulations and thanks for all the help, Jeffrey Zeldman.


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