Monday, June 28, 2004

"She emerged draped in leather, her black eye-shadow pools eating light and making her look like a supersexed raccoon or something much stranger."

—excerpt from Pink Leatherette by Craig Snyder

Begging Woman

Begging Woman via consumptive.


Woke at 9:30, big rainstorm last night but clearing up, Cheerios and three cups of coffee, made it too weak, damn. Two cigarettes while staring at the river flow by and watching hummingbirds come to the feeders almost too fast to see, dressed and loaded, took the bike and started to ride.

Ten miles to town, the only place I can get online, the university library, beautiful ride, cool and green, logged on at 11:30 and checked mail, two submissions for rumble and not much else. Opened the new templates I've been working on and they destructed in Netscape, no big surprise, I'll work it out.

Perry and Justynn IM'd me and we shot the shit for about 10 minutes.

Finally, made the blogger rounds, forgot to mention I heard about the surprise handover of power in Iraq at 1:30 this morning as it was happening, and thought it was well done, catch the insurgents off-guard and maybe save some lives. The Nets are humming with the story...

That's about it. I need another cigarette now.

jpeg baby and g-mail hotties via mathibus. Also, the American Highway Project and the skinny on plain layne, will this story never die? The fabulous killer Japanese seizure robots!


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