Saturday, July 24, 2004

"This time [Aureliano] felt the same weakness in his knees and the same tingling in his skin that he felt in his youth in the presence of a woman. He thought confusedly, finally captive in a trap of nostalgia, that perhaps if he had married her he would have been a man without war and without glory, a nameless artisan, a happy animal"

—excerpt from 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Márquez

Hot Rats

Frank Zappa Cover Art

I think Americans have a lot to answer for and high on the list is a general tendency to stare at each other like animals in a zoo. Like they have nothing better to do and I am there to be picked over like a piece of cold chicken by their bored and listless eyes. "Starey Jones" is what I've taken to calling them in my mind when for no good reason they just stare and stare so coldly at me. "Hey, there's another Starey Jones" I tell myself. "Gee Whiz".

Cooler than ice is bitter films via consumptive. Tasteful flesh at art nudes and an interview with comic writer guru alan moore. One very elegant website I visit more and more frequently these days is Citrus Moon, which features a huge archive of artistic background tiles, a linkblog, and some fine html code examples. You should go visit. Finally, tiny apps is a site that features small programs mostly under 1 mb, many of which you can carry around on a floppy.


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