Friday, August 27, 2004

"In the dreaming coldness of ice like someone fallen and slept in snow avalanches a thousand years, forever young, was this woman. She was as fair as this morning and fresh as tomorrow's flowers and lovely as any maid when a man shuts up his eyes and traps her, in cameo perfection, on the shell of his eyelids."

—excerpt from Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

Blog Template Resources

I thought I would make available some links to sites that offer free pre-configured templates for blogs, as well as some blog template generators. I've probably missed some, so if anyone knows of a great link that should be included, please let me know.

eris: design template generator allows you to easily construct a blog template and configure it for a variety of blog hosts.

pixelscripts offers a number of templates with pre-made graphics which are also very adaptable for the most popular blog hosts.

Another site I just found is not that ugly which offers similar services and some nice designs.

The Firdamatic Generator is an excellent online tool for instantly creating a tableless blog template with two or three columns.

Another resource is migraine designs, a site that features pre-designed templates with high-quality graphics. Some very cool designs here. Francey Designs is very similar and has some striking graphics.

blog designs:   many templates
blog skins:   huge site with hundreds of templates.
point of focus:   blogger templates
ehsany:   blogger templates
noipo:   blogger templates.

blog dsgn and weblog tools are two other resources you might check for different blog tools and ideas. These sites are updated often.

NOTES: Some sites offer "linkware" which means they expect a link back from your site if you use one of their templates. If you are using Blogger you should be aware that they have changed the forced ad to a navbar and this may mean many current templates will not work. You should check carefully to see whether the template you are interested has been reworked with the new blogger navbar in mind.


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