Friday, August 13, 2004

Now the man stepped out the door with his brush, his paste bucket, his rolled papers. His eyes, a fierce and lustful shine, fixed on Charles Halloway. Smiling, he gestured an open hand.
Halloway stared.
The palm of that hand was covered with fine black hair. It looked like--

—excerpt from Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

Tour Montparnasse

"Techno-Impressionism is the last art movement of the 20th Century. The Techno-Impressionist Museum hosts the world's largest collection of Techno-Impressionist art, from the earliest known works to the present."


"Furl is a tool for saving, sharing and finding information (you know, the pages you want to save for future reference but then can never find again). At the core, Furl is a place to store content you find on the Internet and know that you can find it again at any time in the future."

Nice artwork and nice use of the horizontal scrolling in a webpage at fit for use. Why milk sucks such incredibly huge ass. Here is my Yahoo Music Station.


Stu Nicholls has worked out some advanced page designs and other coded wonders that should make you drool, if that kind of thing interests you at all. He's really very very good. Especially interesting is this pseudo-frame page that uses clever CSS to achieve a frame effect without frames.

Designers Galore: Your one stop source for linkware and shareware web graphics.


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