Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Stephen King

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Successfully: in Ten Minutes
by Stephen King

I read this Stephen King article recently and thought it was well-written, but when I went to find it on the web today it seemed to have mysteriously disappeared—possibly because of copyright issues, I dunno. I made a quickie web page from a cached file and am presenting it here for your enjoyment. Maybe I'll get an e-mail soon telling me to remove it, but for now it is here so read it while you can.

I've got five new G-mail invitations to give away. First come first serve. Just e-mail me.

A way to use colored scrollbars on a webpage and have it validate. Check out this page from the Zeit.Ca website. I tested it out in the validator and it does validate. I wonder how it does cross-browser-wise...anyway I thought it was cool that you could do this and have it validate. Anybody using a browser where it doesn't work? Let me know. I'd be interested.

Have you heard of BrowserCam? It's a site where you can have screenshots taken of your webpages in various browsers. I guess I'd heard of it but never got around to hunting it down. I went there and had some shots made from some of my sites. You have a free trial for a few hours only, so you have to make them fast. Here is a webpage where you can see the screenshots I made.


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