Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Ramones

"Well, in the beginning I used to share a loft and eat junk food. I remember the early days when we were all broke with nothing. I used to hang out at CBGB's because it was across the street, just to get warm. I'd rather drink a couple of beers, I guess it's nutritious—I couldn't afford to eat so I figured I'd go across the street and have a couple of beers for dinner. Things have picked up now ... "

—Joey Ramone, from a 1985 Interview

And yes, I am listening to The Ramones right now. You got a problem with that? Here's a nice FAQ page listing all The Ramones and their true names, among other things. Here is a history page with some basic information about The Ramones. Alternatively, here's a link to another page with more history, plus the different line-ups the band has had over the years.

Finally I present a link to episode two of The Clint Howard Show in which Clint interviews Johnny Ramone. It's totally hilarious.


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