Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Ramones

"I have been fortunate to have spent my entire musical career playing for Ramones fans, which I would like to believe are the most musically knowledgeable, coolest, and best fans any group could have. They have made all 22 years great.

Looking back at the last show, and at the time, is very strange knowing you are never going to experience that same feeling again, but rather than getting up there and not be able to perform at the level our fans should expect it is better to stop before that happens. A few friends were nice enough to join us at this last show which made this even more special to me."

—handwritten comments of Johnny Ramone, included as liner notes in We're Outta Here!

More Ramones: A webpage containing reviews of all the Ramones albums, plus some pretty funny comments, can be found here. An interview with Joey Ramone shortly before his death at If Magazine. Is this accurate? A transcript of Joey and Marky fighting on the Howard Stern Show.


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