Night of The Ramones (6)

Monday, January 10, 2005

The Ramones"Even from the very beginning, the type of fans the Ramones generated were the kind of people who wound up running industry, who became professors and scientists. Our staunchest fans were always a little bit more on the outside, the type of people who didn't fit in with society. And once these people start running things, I think they started to inform the general public - 'Hey, by the way, the Ramones started it all.' That's when the general population started becoming aware of how special the Ramones were."

—Tommy Ramone from Last Ramone Standing

Also a review of the shiny, new, and long awaited Ramones Documentary, End of The Century

Massive clean-smelling props to Brian for the heads-up.

Last 2: Some Spiderman templates for Blogger and LiveJournal. Also, a little experiment using Font-Styling for Pseudo-Images in web page presentation. Thank you.


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