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Monday, March 14, 2005

Long time no post, fellow blog-babies. No excuses except to say I been busy. How you been? Well I'm glad to hear that.

State of the Blogosphere lets us know that many many people have blogs or are starting blogs. Duh. I knew that when I came in here. A guy outside told me.

Do you surf through America Online? I kind of feel sorry for you if you do. The reasons vary. But here's something that will give you a clue. I just found it somewhere is all. The AOL Whiner.

If you like roots rock and early stuff including Doo-Wop, Elvis, Jerry Lee, etc., you might want to visit the Jukebox and download some .wma files. The site is a high school reunion site. Lot's of these seem to host audio files to classic stuff like this. The .ram files are undownloadable but there are plenty of others to choose from. I just copped a shitload of them today. Some of my favorites are Dale Hawkin's Susie Q and Gene Vincent's Lotta Lovin'

For you image freaks the NYPL Digital Gallery has a searchable database of images that rocks pretty hearty. They are free for use and download, though I am not exactly sure whether that means you can post them to your web pages or not.

You. Yeah, the skinny kid with the unbelievable blond afro. Find out, willya? Get back to me asap.

I'm finding loads of font sites out there. I ought to do a big post on them, and I sure will when I get organized. Meanwhile here's Fontasy, with a pretty big index of fonts. Haven't really searched it yet though. But there is a new typography blog that keeps up with all the best free font downloads, and you can find it at

Okay, so this guy goes into the McDonalds in Times Square and pretends to be the new bathroom attendant. Funny.


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