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Friday, July 22, 2005

Thames at Night

Thames at Night at Stock X-change

I've reworked some old pages that used to be linked to the great
Citrus Moon website. When I lost my subdomains I realized that the pages needed updating, and badly. I've learned a bit more about web design since I first put them online.

So I spent last night reworking the code. Most of the design is basic and can't be of much interest to advanced CSS designers, but beginners may get some useful ideas. The designs are specifically tailored for presenting short fiction on the web.

Most of these designs owe a lot to the trailblazers who have sweated and perfected these techniques, and the visual artists who provide free images so we can enhance our web pages. Kudos!

No Click Website...

I ran across this and thought it was pretty cool. In general I don't like Flash-based sites...but who can resist surfing through this one once you've seen it?


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