Ladytron Destroy!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Some MP3 links for the wonderful ones who love me:

Lady for Hire

Ladytron link(s) updated: Aug 09
Ladytron: Destroy Everything You Touch
Alternate Video Link: Destroy!
Ladytron: Listen at Emperor Norton
Ladytron: Listen at

Woodstock 1969
The Cure: Join The Dots
Sleater-Kinney: Entertain

Plus a couple pretty sweet MP3 blogs that you probably already know about, like 3hive and the fab Fluxblog.

Sunset Boulevard

Posteritati is a nice resource for movie posters. The above is an unusual one from the movie Sunset Boulevard, which is a really creepy movie but good, good. Link via Neurastenia which is a great weblog for art links (as if you didn't know).

Latest Ramones

A punk rock radio show out of Seattle called Gabba Gabba Hey featuring mucho Ramones music can be heard Saturdays at midnight, if you happen to be in Seattle, or hear it replayed over the internet for gosh sakes. Me likey.

Weird Tales of The Ramones, a massive compilation of the Best of The Ramones, is set for release sometime in August. The box set features rare and alternate tracks—a good companion to the previously released Anthology.

Possible shitty news for punks: Will CBGB's close forever? Sign the petition, people, and go read the Blog.


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