Altamont 1969

Monday, August 08, 2005

Rolling Stones Altamont poster

The concert at Altamont Speedway has always had significance for me. Symbolic of the end of an era of hope and promise, the concert was marked by violence when one man was beaten to death by Hell's Angels and three other people died from various causes. This post is meant to showcase photographs from the concert, but they are scarce on the web. The links below represent about an hours surf-time:

The best gallery I could find
A few good shots
...and a few more here
Photo of the Rolling Stones CD cover
Photo of the Jefferson Airplane bootleg cover
3 good photos in a gallery
One nice big photo
Seven photos of Altamont

Altamont Text...

Review of Gimme Shelter, the documentary
Description, relation to the song American Pie
Analyzed: Lyrics to American Pie
Hypertext focusing on events at Altamont


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