Link Wray - Godfather of Rock

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Link Wray

One of the most talented and influential rock musicians of all time died on November 5, 2005 at his home in Denmark. His name was Link Wray and he is the acknowledged inventor of the Powerchord. Perhaps his most famous song was "rumble", a early rock instrumental showcasing his growing talents. Although he wasn't as well known as Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis, his influence was just as great. He toured for a number of years with a band known as The Wraymen, and in fact was still playing concerts at the time of his death. If you are a fan of Roots Rock you need to go out and get one of his CD's.

If you haven't heard his stuff you can download a few mp3s of some of his classics here. Also, check out the Link Wray obituary and tribute page at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website. Listen to an audio interview with Link from a Fresh Air program in 1997.


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