Furious Boy: A Micro Fiction

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Furious Boy flexed his stringy muscles valiantly but the psycho grip of his deluded collegues was unbreakable! Sweat ran down the buttons of his spine, soaking his costume. This would never do. He stared into glassy eyes and a hooded, vacant madness. The Puppetmaster's work.

So he HAS returned. Damn.

Gripping his glowing sapphire power ring he shivered, a cold anger washing through his mighty loins. This was what it meant to be a member of the Justice Patrol, he thought. To always know that the Puppetmaster was responsible for everything.

"Strontium Woman! Elastic Lad! What the hell's the matter with you?"

"Furious Boy!"

Grinning horribly they dragged him into the airlock, their bodies jerking like Spazoids as cosmic-powered muscles fought the chemical strings that bound them...

Tomorrow's Episode: Food Poisoning at Burger King.


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