Ultraphone Update!

Monday, December 04, 2006


Can't get enough ULTRAPHONE? I just received an e-mail from John Gilly, the man who sent me the picture of the ULTRAPHONE, which turns out to be a kind of early CB radio. Here's the content of his second e-mail:


The pic of the Ultraphone was part of a PowerPoint presentation that was done for the Rochester Amateur Radio Association on the history of VHF radio operation. The actual Ultraphone is an exhibit in the Antique Wireless Association Museum in East Bloomfield N.Y. It was essentially the predecessor of the modern CB radio. At one time (pre- WW2) there was a UHF frequency allocation for the citizens radio service. It was up around 450MHz (where, ironically, the little FRS walkie talkies are today). At that time everything operated on tubes and was AM instead of FM. There was no channelization so two users had to "dial around" to "find" each other on the air. An even earlier version of the Ultraphone was the Abbot TR-4 "Ultra-High Frequency Receiver/Transmitter" (pic attached) manufactured on the planet Cleveland in the galaxy Ohio (as Devo would say). I found your site (and read some of the short fiction) when I "Googled" Ultraphone on the web.

This is one of the reasons I am so fond of the world wide web: (There is no Internet anymore, people. Anything you view on a web page is part of the world wide web, not the Internet, which technically may still exist, but if it does, it is a very small phenomena) The rich, wide fields of (sometimes useless, but interesting) DATA!


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