Opera: Accessing Hidden Content

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I made (what I thought was) a simple demo yesterday. I had constructed this page a while ago but the design leaves a lot to be desired. So I build this demo after a mild brainstorm. IE and Firefox handle it as expected though in Fox 1.5 the content jumps a bit. Unexpectedly my Opera 9 browser refuses to display the content. Maybe it's my copy or my computer, who knows? Not me. I expected no problems from Opera but got plenty.

Any ideas, CSS Masters? There must be something. Comment or e-mail me at headsfromspace at gmail dot com.

Did you know Opera supports the CSS 3 list-style-type: box? It does, for some reason. And for some reason I made the List Body demo which as far as I know, only displays properly in Opera. Here is a screenshot I took. Practical uses of this demo? None. Value of this demo? None.


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