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Monday, May 21, 2007

What fun it sometimes is to scroll the list of web page calls from my site and see what particular Google search has led to someone visiting one of my pages. Many times it is someone looking for porn, because I am the author of the flash fiction series The Evil Lesbians. But sometimes it's not.

Here is a partial list of recent searches and the web page called:

microdot hair:

psychic rays:

two lesbians spits themselves in the face:

How big are Manta Rays babies (No. 2!):

lesbians horns (number one in spanish!):

rubber boy naked (No. 1!):

cows in space:

ultraphone (No. 1, most often):

"robots are watching you" (No. 1!):

evil lesbians (No. 3):

giant robots attack city (No. 3):

pretty lesbians (No. 3 and 4):

I think from this sampling you can see that many people are looking for naked pictures of lesbians. There are so many lesbian searches that I should probably get AdSense or something.


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