Micro Fiction: Lindsay Lohan

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Excerpt from Lindsay Lohan story:

¶  When Lindsay Lohan is very old she will wear a mask. The atmosphere will be all jacked with carbon and plastic, and tiny robots the size of one big molecule, and everyone will have to wear those masks or they will die.

¶  She will give an interview for People Magazine and talk about how she wanted Princess Diaries and went to her agent and said "get me Princess Diaries" but her agent told her "you will never get Princess Diaries" so she got mad and fired him. Lindsay will reveal how she stalked Ann Hathaway and took detailed notes on everywhere Ann Hathaway went and what she did, and how she kidnapped Ann Hathaway and tortured her by pricking her naked feet with pins held under a cigarette lighter flame.

¶  She told Ann Hathaway "never talk about this."

¶  The interview sells a lot of People Magazines. Lindsay gets famous again from all the publicity and people start thinking about Lindsay Lohan and yelling "Hey, Lindsay Lohan!" when they see her. She gets Child Avengers 2. She gets Princess Diaries 3 and plays the Julie Andrews part. She wins a People's Choice Award for Princess Diaries 3.

I still need to work on this some more.

* * * * *

A place called Six Sentences where you submit stories limited to six sentences. This is not the worst idea I ever heard of. Makes stories of about a paragraph. This is a site you might visit when looking to read good micro fiction.


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