Ellen Kennedy

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ellen Kennedy has written a new book and is selling it. I wonder if it will be as good as her old book. I don't see how it could but maybe. I used to wonder if she was real but now I don't anymore. I've totally moved on.

Ellen is beautiful and shy and possibly real. I don't know if she's a nice person or not. She might be nice or possibly evil in some hidden way I will never discover. I wrote something with the words "ellen kennedy" in the title and here it is.

This is to celebrate Ellen's new book!

you should ask ellen kennedy

I'm writing some stuff, a story or something, or a monograph. I'm writing electronically on my keyboard. It's a very nice day outside but I'm inside. I decide to stay inside until I can see shadows falling. Then I will go outside and play in the shadows and make shadow puppets and watch children riding bikes and laughing and falling off bikes.

An orangutan smashes my window. An orangutan climbs in through jagged glass teeth. He leans over my shoulder and looks at my stuff and laughs and says:

"Why are you trying to write ellen kennedy stories?"

I look up at the orangutan. The orangutan has parasites on him.

"I'm not trying to write ellen kennedy stories," I say. "I'm trying to write minimalist stories. You should ask ellen kennedy why she's trying to write minimalist stories and minimalist prose poems, and why she's mysteriously absent from the world wide web just when the world wide web needs ellen kennedy the most. You should ask ellen kennedy why. You should say, the world wide web is hurting and needs ellen kennedy. You should say, please write more stories about cute animals and vegan food and poetic violence towards cute animals, and people being lonely and living in small apartments and going to vegan food co-ops."

The orangutan looks at me.

The orangutan says "do you have fresh fruit?" and I say "no."

I have only meat and raisins and no fresh fruit. I have no fruit juice.

The orangutan is defeated and leaves.

I work on the monograph for a while. I go away for one hour and return and look at the monograph. I delete the monograph and open a fresh document and stare at it.

I stop doing that. I start thinking about the orangutan and wondering whether the orangutan may be a very small Irish man with hyper-thyroidism, or some kind of wolf boy from Mexico. I saw something on PBS about that and it was good.

I open my Opera browser.

I Google ellen kennedy and see there are no new entries on ellen kennedy.

I Google Hamsters and Vegans and ellen kennedy.


Blogger RJ said...

I like your attempt at writing minimalist stories. I think it's good. you are right it wasn't an orangutan, it was really a wolf boy from Mexico. it is true, he was looking through my window last night while i slept. i called the cops. he ran all the way to Big Rapids. he is a fast runner.

i visited a site today and saw Rumble listed as a literary ezine under the R's. it made me happy to see it there. here is the link http://newpages.com/npguides/litmags_online_complete.htm

I always miss you.

12:03 AM  

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