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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ShrugShrug Magazine published a story of mine called The Martians Are Coming. The story is not about Martians, but about other things. Shrug Magazine is unique and nice-looking. I am happy to be published there. You can find my story on this page. Thanks for reading.

I sent the same story to Night Train but forgot I did it. They sent me an e-mail. They did not accept or reject the story. They thanked me for my submission, and for reading Night Train. That was nice of them. They did not publish my story. I would have preferred if they had said: we are not publishing your story. It is not good. Or something like that.

Night Train is a good magazine. They publish good stories and poems.


Blogger rjwilliamstore said...

I’m glad you got–The Martian Are coming– published. Doesn’t Night Train know that YOU, are–AWESOME?

2:52 PM  

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