Battlestar Galactica Ripped Me Off; Starbuck Still Hot Though

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Starbuck Is HotNo Spoilers, Bitches!

After advertising their season premiere like 10 billion times in the past month, I was expecting giant shitloads of action and Cylon killing from Battlestar Galactica. Instead (gigantic ripoff) more scenes with stupid Baltar and people arguing with Starbuck about some stupid shit. Why would anyone argue with Starbuck? She's right about everything, all the time, end of story, and is insanely hot, and will kick your ass before making love to you (if you are very lucky, which you are not).

I was like, whatever. I was pretty sad.

Maybe the next episode will be better. They set me up with a tremendous cliff-hanger at season's end last year. I mean, I'm so pissed now. If you feel sorry for me you should go on the world wide web and download hot pictures of Starbuck and send them to me with encouraging captions like "don't worry about it" and "I can't believe how hot Starbuck is". That might help but probably not. I can't see how anything could help at this point.

They have cliff-hanged my ass.


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Thanks alot for that gif, it does wonders. You have been a great help.

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