New Episodes Of Animal Cops Are Needed

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

baby manatee
I watch a lot of Animal Cops on TV, because I like it when they rescue fucked up animals and then make them better. I like it when the animals get better and are happy and get adopted by people who are not cruel to animals.

But now I have watched too many episodes of Animal Cops and there are no new Animal Copsepisodes and I have to stop watching Animal Cops for a while. Maybe I should watch Animal Precinct. Maybe.

Something I notice about Animal Cops is that almost all the people who get arrested for animal cruelty are poor and black, or just black. I wish they would show some rich white people getting arrested, and maybe beaten about the head and shoulders, just to balance things out.

Sometimes the people are white. The white people are usually poor too.

That is depressing and animal cruelty is depressing.

I am thinking about a new format for Animal Cops. The new format would be this: The Animal Cops would train the rescued animals to go back to their former owners and kick them in the nuts or something.

I would also like to see more manatees. There are never any manatees on Animal Cops even though manatees are getting pounded. People in speedboats keep running over them and the Animal Cops should do something. So far they have not done anything about this. This is something that should be looked into.

Update: There will be more Animal Cops.

Maybe there will be Manatee Cops.


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