Obama Says Bush Is Still The Decider

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mini McBush

President Bush is still "The Decider" for two more months. This means he gets to decide things, like about wars and things, for a little while longer.

Obama declared "I am not the president." and "There is only one president."

Personally I am happy about Pre-President Obama, except for a couple details. A few weeks ago I sent away for a free Obama pin and never got it. Recently I just signed up to receive a free Obama sticker and am looking forward to not receiving it as well. I am very selfish and I want my free stuff, but Obama won't send me my stuff.

And the Obama campaign is still asking me for money.

They will send you a Obama poster if you send them the money. They want the money to "help with the transition". That's cool. Whatever. I wonder if they would consider sending some money to poor people to help with their mother-fucking transition from poor and suicidal to poor and apathetic.

Look, I'm not knocking Obama. Well maybe a little. I remember during the campaign I used to hear him say "we need to help the middle class" like the middle class had leprosy or something. This was the Clinton strategic mantra and it worked for Obama as well. But, Dude, I think that poor people could seriously use some money. Like money for food and shit, and clothes and shelter.

BULLETIN FOR OBAMA: Poor people STILL exist!

2ND BULLETIN FOR OBAMA: All black people in America used to be really, really poor! Many still are, despite Compassionate Conservatism.

Well that's all for now. I personally feel maybe 10% more hopeful about America right now. I feel a strong psychic hunch that we, as a country, may kill 20% fewer innocent civilians in 2009. I even think it is possible that President Obama may actually mention poor people, some time in the far distant future.

On the day we all get our rocket packs.


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