Electric Obama Boogaloo

Friday, January 09, 2009

Pop It To Lock it! I am now prejudiced against Dicey Brown Magazine because they accepted one of my stories many months ago but have failed to publish it or answer my e-mail. I do not hate them because people are flawed but I will maintain a small grudge against them for a period of one year.

I am waiting for Ellen Kennedy's new book to be published but I will not pre-order it because of extreme poverty.

I have purchased Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo for 3.99 but have not watched it. I am waiting for "the right moment". I have downloaded the soundtrack to the movie, possibly illegally. It is "the bomb".

Back to THE OBAMA:

I would like to see Obama say "stop killing Palestinian women and children" to the Israelis even though he is not president yet. I would like to see Obama go to the Cowardly Lion and say "give me courage" and then go and say that. Maybe he is not saying that because he doesn't have enough courage.

It's just a fucking theory, people.


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